Getting Great Life Insurance

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Top Reasons to Buy a Final Expense Insurance Policy

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Many people rely on life insurance policies to help their families pay for funerals, medical bills, and other expenses. However, if you have term life insurance that expires or carry a term life insurance policy that is no longer large enough to meet the needs of your final expenses and also provide for family members, it can be difficult to obtain additional life insurance at an older age, especially if you are not in great health. Read More»

Life Events That Justify An Increase In Your Life Insurance Coverage

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Regardless of who you are, it’s important to consider purchasing life insurance. However, you might wonder if the life insurance settlement you’d receive would be enough. There are several times when you should consider increasing your life insurance coverage. After You Get Married Before you got married, you may have purchased life insurance to provide coverage for funeral expenses. However, after you have become married, this is a good time to review your life insurance policy to determine if you need to increase your coverage. Read More»

Six Major Events That Require You To Reconsider Life Insurance Needs

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An individual’s life insurance needs change significantly as they go through life. While many people have no need for life insurance at some points, there are several different types of life event that can suddenly create or drastically increase an individual’s need for life insurance. It’s important to make important changes to your life insurance coverage right away to keep your loved ones protected. The following are six major events you may experience at some point in life that will require you to reconsider your needs for life insurance: Read More»

Can You Get Life Insurance After A Serious Illness?

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Life insurance is supposed to take care of your loved ones in case of unfortunate events happening to you such as serious injury and death. However, serious illness also happens, and medical treatments which tend to be expensive can also cause major disruptions in your life. Now, if you ask whether you can still get life insurance after a serious illness, the answer depends on many factors. Time of Recovery Read More»